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Good News!

Proud to announce that my work will be featured in an online exhibition 
& publication in the next edition issue of Arkitip. 
Issue No. 0062, Arkitip x Ello. Stay tuned for more details on this awesome opportunity through Ello and Arkitip. 

Busy in the studio!

Been busy all summer in the studio with various projects.

Started a paper marbling business JC Marbling. Follow my blog here

Been on a few trips this summer collecting inspiration. To follow some daily feeds and works in progress visit my instagram and ello feeds below. 

Instagram: jennifferomaitz

Article in Canvas Cleveland Magazine

Huge thanks to Carlo Wolff and Michael C. Butz for this great article. 

Please follow this link:

35mm film to show at Rubicon Cinema on Saturday

35 mm Experimental Cinema Night
The 9th and final event of Rubicon's 2015-16 season features renowned Austrian filmmaker PETER TSCHERKASSKY, Cleveland filmmaker ROBERT BANKS, and Kent-based artist JENNIFFER OMAITZ.
When: Saturday, May 14, 9 pm (doors open at 8:30 pm)
Where: Rubicon Cinema at the Blue Sky Studio, 943 Dopler Street, Akron OH 44303 (map)
"With more than 20 films since 1979, Peter Tscherkassky is one of Austria's most productive filmmakers. What is remarkable, however, is not so much the quantity as the consistent quality of his work. Tscherkassky never allows himself to fall back on certainties, rather, with each film, he is sizing up new territory. Tscherkassky's films are exceptional because he knows how to pair his strict concepts and his consistent exploration of a subject with a visual richness, revealing new, surprising facets of sensuality with every film he makes." 
- Alexander Horwath on
Outer Space, 10 min, 1999, 35 mm
Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine, 17 min, 2005, 35 mm
For more info on the artist, please visit
ROBERT BANKS, A collection of short films, 26min total, 1997-2005, 35 mm
"[Robert Banks shares] a love for the aesthetic and physical properties of celluloid. … Banks’ movies are riots of shots, sounds, colors, and camera angles, and are often scratched-on or painted-on. Themes include African-American life, the culture of beauty, and the media."
– Marcos Ortega on
MPG: Motion Picture Genocide, 1997, 35 mm
A.W.O.L., 2005, 35 mm
Goldfish and Sunflowers, 1999, 35 mm
Embryonic, 1999, 35 mm
Outlet, 1999, 35 mm
For more info on the artist, please visit
JENNIFFER OMAITZEyegasm, 1 min, 2002, 35 mm
"This film was created in 2002 directly on 35mm film stock. The idea was to use the medium of film to animate a drip of paint. This short film is true camera-less animation whereby all the images were hand colored/bleached directly on the celluloid. It was created while I was in my final year of study at the Cleveland Institute of Art and heavily influenced by the films of Stan Brakhage, Norman McClaren, and Len Lye."
–Jenniffer Omaitz
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