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New Solo Show: Folds, Gesture, Movement

New Solo Show: Folds, Gesture, Movement
Next Solo Show is "Folds, Gestures, Movement: Works from 2015-2018" which will debut work from my favorite paintings in last 3 years. Opening night is December 8, from 5-8pm at KSU Downtown Hotel/Confrence center. 

215 S. Depeyster StreetKent, Ohio 44240United States




The Howson Gallery 
at Judson Park 
1801 Chestnut Hills Drive 
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106 

DRAWINGS: 2013-2017 
November 2 — December 30, 2018 
Gallery open daily 
9am to 8pm 

Opening Reception 
Friday November 2, 2018 
4:30 - 6:00 p.m. 
Musical Entertainment by 
Guytano Parks 


Illustrious Decay with Arabella Proffer

Working non-stop on the forthcoming show with artist Arabella Proffer, "Illustrious Decay". 
Cleveland West Art League Gallery (CWAL) is located in 78th Street Studios at 1305 West 80th Street, Suite 110, Cleveland, Ohio 44102.  The opening reception will be from 5:00 to 9:00 pm on Friday, September 21st, 2018 and the closing reception will be Friday, October 19th, 2018 from 5:00 to 9:00 pm.

Images of finished drawings and sculpture forthcoming. 

Cleveland Clinic Purchase Prize from CAN Triennial

Honored and excited to announce that the Cleveland Clinic Foundation has purchased one of my paintings for their permanant collection. This was made possible by the suport from the Cleveland Clinic offering a purchase award for the CAN Triennial. The painting "Construction" will be on display in coming months at one of the public viewable Cleveland Clinic Hospital locations. A special thank you to all at the Clinic who have supported and watched my work over the years. Also a huge thank you to the CAN Triennial for making this opportunity possible with their hard work and platform for NEO art!

Maria Neil Project Pop Up during CAN Triennial

Maria Neil Art Project - CANTriennial Pop-up
July 14th & 15th, 20th-22nd

Maria Neil Art Project is excited to be one of fifteen exhibiting bodies during the inaugural CAN Triennial. This collection of galleries, collectives, and studios are sure to showcase the diversity of Cleveland and prove that there is definitely something to see on this international art stage.

Coinciding with FRONT International, the month of July will be full of all things art. There will be exhibitions and art installations, there will be booths and panel discussions. The whole city will be engaged to highlight the theme "An American City". The spotlight will be hot during one of the hottest months of the year!

For CAN, it will be a total activation of West 78th Street Studios in Detroit Shoreway. All three floors will showcase curated art installations, exhibits, booths, and more. One building. One big event.

Included in CAN Triennial

I am honored to be one of the artists curated into the 2018 CAN Triennial. Over 90 of North East Ohio's best artists will be exhibiting at this event. 
Official opening 
Saturday July 7, 6-9PM
Free Admission

Parking and location information in link

NEOtectonic; Artifice & Persuasion

NEOtectonic; Artifice & Persuasion
On View until July 12
NEOtectonic; Artifice & Persuasion
10am - 5pm
American Greetings
1 American Blvd, Westlake, Ohio 44145
Jennifer Omaitz’s “NEOtectonic” installation was constructed on site over the span of a week. The subject matter draws from geological events of catastrophic and phenomenological tectonic shifts of the Earth’s crust, as well as from cultural trends in urban architecture, graphic arts, and current news media. “NEO” is a direct reference to North East Ohio and “tectonic” is a term that refers not only to building and construction, but also to a discipline of structural geology. Observing how the earth’s crust shifts and moves with changing disruptions creates a metaphor for considering the urban migratory shift of people. How does a city change over time with shifting architectural, cultural, and economic forces? Using the wall as a springboard, Omaitz creates an assemblage of collaged cultural symbols and artifice that confronts the viewer’s space with a visually dynamic network of neotectonic shifts, movements, and interrelationships. This collected vorticity of industrial prefabricated, invented architecture is a neoconstructivist setting where nature and culture collide.

Corrie Slawson’s mixed media work represents several years of exploring the social and environmental matters of place. Development hierarchies, population loss, questions of environmental equity, and concern with land-use are considered in the context of our region’s lifecycle. Cleveland’s once-gilded age of unchecked wealth and growth is now imperiled with myopic decision-making that is stuck in a cycle of suburban sprawl and urban divestment. The reaping of resources has deep Colonial roots that has served the top percentage of individuals benefitting directly from European hegemony of cultural and wealth accumulation. The imagery of Slawson’s work emerges through layers of printmaking, drawing, photography, painting, and sculptural installation. The work simultaneously nods to commercial, science-fiction book design and Technicolor TV and film associated with Hollywood’s mid-century portrayal of other worlds. Themes of climate justice are explored in a dystopian present/future using #scifiresearchtrip and #baroqueresearchtrip as loci for revolutionary emergence. 

Both artists’ work reflect movement and potential catastrophe, combining elements of the handmade and the found. For Slawson. climate equity is an over-arching theme: climate change directly affects all of us, but there is a lack of justice in political decision-making that privileges comfort for the very few over quality of life for the entire planet. Omaitz looks to weather patterns and structural shifts of the earth’s surface as a metaphor for the jostling disruption and disorienting sense of space that can be found in the urban American landscape.

Exhibition at American Greetings headquarters Gallery W

Exhibition at American Greetings headquarters Gallery W
Opening May 24 from 5-7 pm ongoing until July 13 an exhibition at Gallery W, American Greetings Headquarters. 

Exhibiting my newest installation 60+ feet of install along with the amazing work of Corrie Slawson. Updates and official text coming soon.