The work in this series explores the boundaries between painting and photography. I work from time lapsed, blurred and filtered photographs that I take of the surrounding landscape. These landscapes are nested in cities and rural areas at various times of day. By using photography as a mediator, I am removed from the original moment creating a separation between the subject allowing a new perspective to unfold. Using paint's tactility, I build images that explore depth and uncover differences between reproduction and originality; a process that uncovers a photograph's meaning, beauty and faults.

My intent is to allow the processes behind the creation of both the photograph and the creation of the painting to converge, creating works that exist in a realm between representation and abstraction; between the real and imagined.

Noise is a collection of work focusing on the mental and physical process of translating a photograph into paint. The work is about our cultural interaction with music, technology, space, memory recall, and sensory overload.

My inspiration is rooted in DJ culture and European electro house music. A DJ and I have similar processes. A DJ takes a record, or sample altering it by pitch, tone, cue slicing, cross-fading, scratching, looping creating a sound that is technically layered and distorted. In the process of making a painting I take something that exists in the reality and alter it through technical approaches to impact the viewer.