Above ground, Beneath the Surface, is an ongoing body of work concerned with the history of abstraction, architecture, landscape, natural disaster, and a tactile response to painting. The current work in this series struggles to define beauty, exploring abstraction as incident and artifact of the process in which paint is applied. There is a constant struggle between surface and ground and between paint and the boundaries within the painting. Over the past three years I have explored site-specific installation. The installations I have built encompass three-dimensional landscapes frozen in the midst of a chaotic event. I incorporate drawing and painting with objects, igniting play between the structure of the gallery and the theatrics of the painterly gesture. This sense of theater is a formal extension of the shadows cast by gallery lights, the configuration of the wall, ceiling, and the intrinsic architectural nature of the given space. Overall, my work explores space; both physical and psychological. This refers to “Space” as it is applied to a two dimensional surface, or a three dimensional location. From the site of an installation to the surface of a support, my work explores themes of landscape, topography, geographical changes, the history of painting, and perception.