“Illustrious Decay”, represents an investigation of form, biology, and environmental decay. Arabella Proffer’s painting brings together her interests in nature, disease, and the evolution of cells. The paintings explore the roles that organisms, DNA, and hybrids play in response to our current age of genetic revolution. Flourishes of familiar landscapes as their environment, add to their story. The sculpture of Jenniffer Omaitz reacts to the macro environments in Proffers’ paintings by creating interior spaces and exposing exterior structures that house decaying parts, miniscapes, and combining meta realities as if they were a invented surreal landscape. The two will also unveil a site specific collaboration piece. Opening ReceptionFriday, Sep 21st, 5-9pm Closing reception Friday October 19th 5pm- 9pm

The work in this series is a foundation for a larger investigation which explores the architecture of stacked structures within an imaginary space. This inaugural body of work consists of six drawings and three pedestal pieces. The drawings for this collection were made before the sculptures. This enables a freedom in the creative process that still embodies a working plan for construction. 

All of my work (painting, sculpture and Installation) explores urban and geographic environments in a constant state of transformation. I contrast states of change, order and chaos, that relate to the visual experience of environmental shift. Painting and Installation Art are modes of communicating our sensitivity to environmental factors; these practices provide me with a cadence and context through which to express ideas. My installations explore order/chaos theory by invoking abstraction through the juxtaposition of technology, architecture, and nature colliding. Paintings are a meditation on movement, color, permutation, and gesture; boundary coordinates operating between space and color.

Overall, my work explores space; both physically and psychologically. This refers to “Space” as it is applied to a two dimensional surface, or a three dimensional location.