The work in this series is part of a larger investigation that explores the architecture of stacked structures. Inspired by international architects who began designing to address space constraints, refocusing the design of living environment to create a sense of community and reduce the environmental footprint. My investigation pursues these questions, only in theory, by using an ad-hoc assemblage to investigate questions surrounding climate change, and post-modern architecture, modular architecture, and psychological spaces. The work began as a series of six drawings and three pedestal pieces and is quickly evolving into complex series of works. 


All of my work (painting, sculpture and Installation) explores urban and geographic environments in a constant state of transformation. I contrast states of change, order and chaos that relate to the visual experience of environmental shift. Painting and Installation Art are modes of communicating our sensitivity to environmental factors; these practices provide me with a cadence and context through which to express ideas. My installations explore order/chaos theory by invoking abstraction through the juxtaposition of technology, architecture, and nature colliding. Paintings are a meditation on movement, color, permutation, and gesture; boundary coordinates operating between space and color.

Overall, my work explores space; both physically and psychologically. This refers to “Space” as it is applied to a two dimensional surface, or a three dimensional location.