In 2016 I started to professionally explore the art of marbling. This evolved into a side venture, "JC Marbling & Book Arts". Upon making 1000's of prints I started to develop a curiosity for how marbling (suspending ink floating on thickened water) could be integrated into my geometric abstraction. This idea evolved into a series called Modern Marbles, a fusion of marbling with the practice of geometric abstraction. 

Marbled Geometry is a series of works that explore the fusion of marbling and geometric abstraction. Both practices, marbling and abstract painting have become an integral part of my creative process. I started this series of work in 2017 knowing that it would evolve into new manifestations that combined both practices in unique and fresh ways. In each composition, there is a push and pull between which part dominates, marbling or geometry, allowing for the viewer to partake in the process of reading and decoding these layered approaches. Each work acts as a viewport into a different world—one that is sensual, metaphysical, and filled with emotion. The work at times has been inspired by Illuminated manuscripts, paper architecture, the work of international marblers, or trends in abstract painting.  

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