The process of making sculpture for me is a spectacle, an assemblage, a gesture of simulated repetitions: arranged, projected, and reconfigured. My work, which has rapidly evolved from the painted canvas to multidimensional objects, explores the construction and destruction of invented space. My most recent installations deal with collection and the configuration of interlinking architectonic structures that explore the relationship between architecture, collage, and found objects – meticulously arranged in redefined psychic and physical space.

The installations encompass three-dimensional landscapes that appear frozen in the midst of a chaotic event. I incorporate drawing and painting with heterogeneous objects, igniting play between the structure of the gallery and the theatrics of a gesture and the painterly mark. This sense of theater is a formal extension of the shadows cast by the gallery lights, the configuration of the wall, ceiling, and the intrinsic architectural nature of the given space. Overall, my work juxtaposes found objects, home building materials, architectural models and abstract painterly approaches to imply a shift between physical landscape and landscape of the psyche.